Dr. Ebun Adelona

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Ebun is a wise woman with a broad range of knowledge in the area of alternative/complimentary health practices, including Nutritional counseling, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy, Colon Therapy, Traditional teachings and Coaching/Counseling using Quantum Dynamics Transformation Breath.


Ebun Adelona has had a long and distinguished career as a professional dancer, dance therapist, psychotherapist, educator, administrator, health advocate, holistic nurse practitioner, and anthropologist. She effectively uses dance and conscious movement techniques as a tool for health restoration, emotional balance, spiritual activism, and transformation.

Dr. Adelona has worked internationally as an anthropologist designing and developing health systems which integrate traditional medicine and western medical practices and nationally as an administrator, health advocate, holistic nurse practitioner, and psychotherapist.

Dr. Ebun Adelona has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University and a M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing from Rutgers University. She is trained in Individual, Group and Family Therapy and had a private practice in New York for seventeen years.

She is an Energy and Breath Master who’s current approach to health and healing involves Subtle energy work with the human multidimensional anatomy described by ancient schools of healing. With profound respect for the innate healing knowledge of each individual she teaches workshops and guides people through life coaching and counseling in understanding, experiencing and accepting their multidimensional anatomy, and in understanding how repetitious life challenges are a reflection of blocks in the eleven energy centers called chakras.  Dr. Adelona works with energy psychiatry which is a combination of Quantum Dynamics, psychiatry, alternative medicine, African spirituality and Universal Spiritual Principles.

For more information on the four additional chakras read Dr. Adelona's book Save Yourself. Her goal is to enable people to access their inner authority and open their hearts to the love within.

 Dr. Adelona is the author of Save Yourself

A Practical Guide for Understanding Energy, Emotions, and Health.

 Ebun Adelona is available for lectures.

She is a dynamic knowledgeable speaker.

Available for individual and group counseling by Phone and Skype.

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